Monday, May 10, 2010

xanax yellow oval

barbie xanax by Barbie Xanax


Small Oval Yellow Pill?

Hey guys i got this oval yellow pill that has S 0.5 MG and so i wanna understand how numerous can i acquire to really feel the effect..P.S im not attempting to get High From this, Im getting this simply because i can anxiaty assault. he said this tablets would guide out. well , i wants to understand how quite a few of them must i acquire at a single particular time..please if you have any damaging replys, maintain it to your self, im just looking for some details.. thanks
well i took 4 currently..therefore i should be very good for the night..

Does assist anxiousness but also brings about respiratory depression, can make u black out and is quite addictive so lets hope date rape isnt for the cards..go with a doc and get proper treatment.. what will u do when ur hooked on xanax and not getting the legally? and ur good friend has no more to provide u. Best Buy Xanax Blog.

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  1. I have been on Xanax since 1989 and I have found the drug to be extremely helpful for sleep an anxiety relief.However, I have also been in therapy for Ptsd,dissociation,severe depression an panic attacks.I have found that the best way to get well an get off of these antidepressants an Xanax has been to work hard in my therapy and to use PEAT in my therapy.Of course,always remain positive about your future an realize that u can't change your past.Good luck an God Bless.


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